Moore Middle East Limited (MMEL)

Centered in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, MMEL includes member firms from Karachi to the east to Cairo and Beirut to the west. The seventeen offices that serve the region cover a significant emerging market, which because of its oil, human resource, and other wealth is of considerable strategic and commercial importance. The member firms in the region are well positioned to serve the local and cross border requirements of a growing clientele.

Moore is one of the leading global accountancy and advisory networks.

Founded more than a century ago in London, the network has grown to be one of the largest worldwide, now comprising more than 657 offices in over 106 countries throughout the world.  Each member firm reflects the essential value of Moore – investment in long-term relationships, focus on technical expertise and a commitment to professionalism and discretion.
The network provides the platform to serve client’s international aspirations and cross border objectives.  As the world becomes smaller, so the need for timely professional and practical local and international advice grows.  Our reach and experience allows us to assist clients in their decision-making, both for the present and the future.

Moore leads the way in the provision of the highest quality of personal services to businesses and their owners to support them in creating and preserving wealth.