Mohamed H.S. El Ayouty

Managing Partner

Mohamed H.S. El Ayouty
A Saudi national and a professional auditor with more than eleven years professional audit experience. He joined this organization in 1984 as an assistant auditor and climbed the professional ladder to reach the position of the managing partner of this oldest and reputed audit firm of the kingdom.

He has vast experience in the audit field wherein he has audited and supervised clients with an array services and sectors. His extensive experience includes supervision and audit of banks, MNCs, local and international contracting companies, consumer products, service sector, hospitality etc.

On several occasions he was assigned by the courts and the commerce ministry to manage litigation and liquidation cases.

He devotes considerable time to the professional development and image building of the organization. He always strives to implement new ideas for improvement in services and growth of the firm.


  • Audit and assurance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Banking, finance and related support services
  • Hotels, hospitality, leisure and tourism
  • Professions and other service industries